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New Developments and Construction Projects in Truganina

Truganina, a suburb located 21.2 km west of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD), is a rapidly growing hub in Melbourne’s west. With more than 25 new development projects and construction projects currently underway, Truganina is a vibrant area that offers affordable housing, vital services, and a range of community services for all residents.

Developments in Truganina include the construction of a new Data Center by Bacon Construction and Dzine Construction Group, the development of the Truganina Community Centre, and a range of affordable housing options available to the community. The growth of the suburb is set to continue in the coming years with several future projects currently in the planning and development stages.

Key Takeaways

  1. Truganina, a rapidly growing suburb in Melbourne’s west, is currently experiencing a boom in construction and new development projects.
  2. More than 25 new projects are underway, providing a vibrant community with affordable housing, essential services, and community programs.
  3. One of the significant projects is the construction of the Truganina Community Centre, which will offer a wide range of recreational and leisure activities, promoting active and social lifestyles.
  4. Affordable housing options, including house and land packages, cater to different budgets and lifestyles, making Truganina an appealing choice for first-time buyers and families.
  5. Truganina offers a variety of youth services and programs, such as the Truganina Skate Park and the upcoming community centre, aimed at supporting the development and well-being of young residents.
  6. The suburb also focuses on community access to vital services, including child health centers and family support programs, to create a welcoming and family-friendly environment.
  7. Various construction projects are underway, led by companies like BMF Constructions and Becon Construction, to provide essential facilities and boost the local economy.
  8. The Victorian government is also investing in education by constructing a new school within the Stockland Mt Atkinson residential estate, catering to the educational needs of families in the area.
  9. Overall, these developments will enhance the quality of life for Truganina residents, offering a thriving community with diverse amenities and services.
New Developments and Construction Projects in Truganina

A new community centre is coming to Truganina

Truganina residents can look forward to new community facilities with the upcoming construction of a community center. The new complex, still in the planning stage, will provide a wide range of recreational and leisure activities for residents to enjoy. The sustainable facility will include amenities like an indoor pool, gymnasium, and meeting rooms, providing opportunities for active and social lifestyles.

The community centre is set to be a vital resource in Truganina, offering a range of community services to its residents. The project, which has been granted a planning permit, is a collaborative effort with input from community conversations to ensure the centre meets the needs of the area. Construction work will commence soon with BMF Constructions as the appointed builder. The Truganina community centre is set to become a cornerstone of community life, providing affordable housing, child health services, and youth programs, among others.

Project Background

Truganina is a growing community that requires vital services to meet the needs of residents. In 2014, the Wyndham North Precinct Structure identified the need for a community center, which was identified as one of the many community facilities required to meet the growing demand in the area. The center is essential to providing vital services and creating a vibrant community in Truganina.

In 2021, together with Canvas Projects and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), community engagement began to shape the project scope and budget. The community’s aspirations and needs were taken into account, and the project scope and budget were increased to include a library lounge. The library lounge is considered a contemporary service model enabling the community to access programs, activities, and books more efficiently in an integrated building model.

The project aims to deliver all key services in a new model in the growth areas. The tender for construction was awarded to CICG in xx 2022, and construction commenced in November 2022. We look forward to continuing to work with the community to evaluate outcomes upon completion and activation. This project will have a significant impact on the community of Truganina, providing access to a wide range of community services that will help create a vibrant and sustainable community for all.

Design Story

The new Truganina Community Centre has been thoughtfully designed by Canvas Projects with the community’s input. The aim was to create a space that respects the area’s traditional owners and cultural diversity while catering to the community’s needs and aspirations.

The design draws inspiration from common themes in textiles, shapes, and symbols to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. It is meant to be a space for everyone, embracing and supporting the local community. Overall, the center’s design tells a story of collaboration and inclusivity.

Construction Projects Underway

With the increasing demand for housing in Truganina, several construction projects are underway to provide more housing opportunities for current and prospective residents. The construction projects are not limited to housing alone as some facilities will provide essential services to the community. Some of the construction projects underway in Truganina include sustainable infrastructure, modern public amenities, and affordable housing.

The builders and construction companies include BMF Constructions, Dzine Construction Group, Becon Construction, and many more. These construction projects are vital for Truganina’s development as they will provide jobs, boost the economy, and improve the quality of life for residents.

Construction on the Truganina Community Centre, a new $18.4 million facility, has finally begun. It is projected to be completed in early 2024. Located south of Everton Road, adjacent to the Elements estate, the center aims to provide the community with access to a wide range of services in a sustainable, welcoming, and safe facility. Ellarook residents will have easy access to important services like maternal and child health, three and four-year-old kindergarten, allied health, and youth services.

The center is designed to host various community programs, events, and activities, promoting community interaction and providing residents with opportunities to participate in community life, connect with others, and access local services and information. Wyndham City is currently hosting community conversations to determine how best to meet the needs of the local community. With construction now underway, Truganina residents can look forward to enjoying the facilities and programs that the new centre will offer.

Construction Now Underway on the New Truganina Community Centre

Construction underway for social housing development

Construction is currently underway for a $17 million social housing development in Truganina, aimed at assisting residents in need of housing. Housing minister Danny Pearson recently visited the construction site, where 42 social housing homes will be built, including one, two, and three-bedroom apartments.

The development will provide additional housing options for women experiencing family violence, women over 55, Aboriginal women, and those at risk of homelessness. The Truganina project is part of the Big Housing Build initiative, which aims to create modern social housing and job opportunities through construction.

The government has contributed $14 million to the project, while Women’s Housing Limited has funded the remainder to own and manage the homes. Tarneit MP Sarah Connolly commented that the development will make a significant difference in providing safety and security for women requiring housing assistance. Currently, the project has created 160 jobs, with a completion expected in early 2024.

The Big Housing Build initiative represents the largest single investment in social and affordable housing in any state or territory across Australia, aiming to provide over 12,000 new homes in Victoria, delivering 10,000 jobs over the four-year program.

Government Plots School for Stockland’s Truganina Estate

The Victorian government is taking charge of the development of a new school within the Stockland Mt Atkinson residential estate in Truganina. The project, which covers 315 hectares and includes an industry business park, town centre, and proposed train station, is being developed by Stockland and Scentre Group. The estate already has 800 families within it and, with work on other stages already underway, an application has been filed for the Tarneit Plains Primary School.

The Victorian School Building Authority and the Victorian Department of Education and Training are developing the school, which will sit on a 3.5-hectare site. The school is expected to cost $25 million, and construction is set to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023. Stockland has invested heavily in greenfield sites, and it expects to have 4400 residential lots sold and around 4200 families living within the estate, with an estimated development cost of $836 million for the whole project. The addition of a new school will cater to the educational needs of families, from kindergarten through to high school.


Truganina has been experiencing rapid construction growth in recent years. Key highlights include the completion of the last remaining lot in the Wyndham Industrial Estate, which will contain two speculative facilities. These developments will have a significant impact on the community, including increased access to vital services, affordable housing, and child health services.

Many construction partners have played a crucial role in these projects, including BMF Constructions and Beacon Construction. The community will also benefit from sustainable facilities such as the Truganina Community Centre and a range of community programs. Overall, these new developments and construction projects will greatly enhance the quality of life for Truganina’s residents.

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